Straight Oils:

Cindol, Drawsol, Fanella and Houghto-Draw Series products are straight oil based products incorporating various additive packages for a wide variety of metalforming operations. in addition, Ensis PL 1608 provides a multifuncional corrosion preventive and prelube drawing fluid suitable for electrostatic and roller applications.

Soluble Oils:

Houghton´s Drawsol, Fanella and Houghto-Draw Series are ware-based soluble oil type metalforming products providing good lubricity and cleanability as an alternative to straight oil based product technology.


Houghton also offers a complete line of synthetic metalforming products for light-to heavy-duty stamping, drawing, punching and blancking operations. Houghton´s Drawsol, Fanella and Houghto-Draw Series offer excellent lubricity and cleanliness.

Vanishing Compounds:

Cindol, Drawsol, Fanella and Vanishing Lubricant/Compound Series products are typical vanishing compounds incorporating various additive technologies covering a wide range of flash points vanishing lubricant applications.


Houghton´s Hydrodraw Series products provide excellent lubricity for both internal and external hydroforming applications.