Soluble Oils:

Soluble oils traditionally contain the highest levels of hydrophobic materials to daliver optimal boundary lubrication and part finish. They are typically promoted for operations where the highest friction forces are encountered, as in broaching and threading operations.


Semi- Synthetic fall between the higher oil content soluble oils and the zero oil content synthetic materials. They often deliver the best of both worlds by providing adequate cooling and boundary lubrication.


Synthetics contain no oil at all and thereby typically affer optimal cooling and cleanliness. They are often considered as go-to chemistries for grinding and lighter-duty operations. If they are fortified, they are also applicable for heavier-duty jobs.

Neat Oils:

Our-Cut-Max, Excelene, Dascolene, Garia and Macron cutting oils are formulated with premium-grade, highly refined base oil stocks. They are available in a wide variety of viscosities. Many are EP-fortified to provide optimal performance on the toughest applications and the most dificult alloys.