Heat treatment

Cold Quenching Oils:

Houghton´s complete line of quenching ols, including the Houghto-Quench, Dasco-Quench and Voluta Series, are high-performanceproducts with various heat extraction capabilities (normal, medium and accelerated) designed to suit your specific heat treatment requirements.

Hot Queching Oils:

Mar-Temp and Dasco Quench Series products are high-performance warm and hot quenching oils available with normal and accelerated quenching speeds designed to minimize distortion. These products provide maximun economy and long product life.

Aqueous Quenchants:

Houghton´s Aqua-Quench Series products utiliza a variety of cutting-edge polymer chemistries in providing the most comprehensive range of cooling characteristics to suit specific metallurgical requirements. The products are designed for induction and immersion quenching applications and also reduce operational fire hazards associated with oil quenching.